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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank you for standing on the side of justice!

This Thanksgiving, please join me in thanking Iowa Supreme Court Justices Ternus, Baker, and Streit for their service.

The nearly $1 million dollars spent on the effort by out-of-state extremists to oust them from the bench does little to tarnish Iowa's longstanding legacy of equal rights that these justices worked so hard to uphold.
While their talent will be sorely missed, the freedom to marry still stands and their names will go down in history as champions of justice for all.

Please take a moment to send your personal note of thanks today.
We plan to deliver your messages to the three justices over the holiday season, along with the photos of couples who have married across the state as a result of their courageous ruling.
Public service is never easy. We recognize the sacrifices the judges and their families have been forced to make over the last few months as they became the targets of a well-funded political campaign. We're grateful to the justices for thier public service and wish their families a peaceful holiday season.

Please join me in sending thanks and reminding the justices of the impact they've made on the lives of Iowans!

Carolyn Jenison
Executive Director


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