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Monday, November 22, 2010

New Museum: GLBT Historical Society

The GLBT Historical Society will be opening a new storefront museum at 4127 18th St. in San Francisco's Castro District at the beginning of December 2010. Currently, final touch-ups are being done to the exhibit cases, installation of the historic artifacts is starting, and the curators are wrapping up the texts. This album offers photographs of progress on the museum over the past few months. For more information -- and to make a donation to support the museum -- visit

GLBT History Museum
  Creating a cultural destination....
Castro Street neighborhood
The GLBT Historical Society is marking its 25th anniversary by bringing a new cultural destination to San Francisco’s Castro District. Set to open in November 2010, the society’s GLBT History Museum will showcase the stories of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their communities through dynamic exhibitions and public programs.

Building on success....    Passionate Struggle Exhibit
The society’s latest venture builds on the success of a temporary gallery it opened at the corner of Castro and 18th streets in 2009. The gallery featured an exhibition recounting 100 years of GLBT life in San Francisco that attracted more than 25,000 enthusiastic visitors from throughout the Bay Area and around the world during an 11-month run. For details on the temporary gallery, click here.

Opening a new museum....  Architect's Sketch of Site
The new and expanded museum will be located at 4127 18th Street in a storefront just west of Castro Street. Designed by an accomplished team of architects, it will include galleries with space for long-term exhibitions, temporary shows, and events and receptions. In addition, a museum store will offer unique gifts. To see the work in progress at the new space, click here.
Preparing the exhibitions....                                      At Work in the Archives
Expert curators and designers are putting together the debut exhibition, which will explore key themes in queer history by highlighting 25 collections from the society’s world-renowned collection of artifacts, photographs, art, video and film, and historical records documenting GLBT life. With a five-year lease for the space, the institution is making plans for future shows featuring the Bay Area’s diverse GLBT communities. For more information on the debut exhibition, click here.


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