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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

John McCain: All In Favor, Just Say "Aye"

By David Mixner -

Mccain Let's face it. Senator John McCain is simply losing it. Even for a hardened, tough military veteran like himself his latest proposal around "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is truly off-the-wall! The senator from Arizona has sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Gates asking that a referendum be held on DADT with every soldier having a right to vote. Bet this one wasn't popular with the Generals.
Come to think of it, maybe the notion of voting is not such a bad idea. Hmmmm. We could have soldiers vote on everything! All those who want to withdraw from Afghanistan just say "Aye." All those in favor of letting our soldier's families make a decent wage can just say "Aye." We could ask the soldiers to vote on tactics, wars, foreign policy and even who they want by their side in the foxhole. Maybe we don't need military leadership or civilian oversight and we can just have referendum's on all major issues. "Aye!"
But to John McCain I say, "Aye, yi-yi-yi-yi!!"
Where does this man think of these proposals? Even the Pentagon has to be worrying about him now with this kind of nutty suggestion. Generals allowing the rank and file to vote on policy? Oh, I don't think they are going to let that one happen!

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