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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Journal: Lance Horne And On Being A New Yorker!

By David Mixner -
Lance Horne
Every once in awhile I have one of those weeks, days or moments that reminds me why I love being a New Yorker.
Friday night was one of those nights. My friend, Lance Horne, was debuting his album, First Things Last, at the Allen Room at the Jazz at Lincoln Center performance space. Lance is a musical genius and clearly on the road to becoming one of America's leading composers. The Allen Room is a place you could only find in New York with its massive windows looking out over the New York skyline and snow-covered Central Park. With an intimate but packed auditorium, Lance had brought together his friends in the 'industry' to help him celebrate.
With the Manhattan backdrop, some of the best singers from Broadway and the West End synchronized their schedules to be able to have the honor of being with Lance Horne. Song after song captivated the audience and reminded us why we love show business. Lance's words are sheer poetry put to music. He is at his best when he writes of the power and woes of love. Alan Cumming and Cheyenne Jackson reminded us why they are the most exciting Broadway stars in years. Alan's "Patriot" performance left the audience speechless. And no one can lure you in with his voice like Cheyenne Jackson. The sensuous sounds coming from him should be declared a crime of passion.
Meow, Meow (who gave me a black eye at Joe's Pub but that is another story) took us back to Cabaret at its best. One could almost hear Sally Bowles in her sexy, seductive voice that almost demanded a smoke filled room with Humphrey Bogart sitting front row. New Yorkers should be standing in line to hear this sensational talent.
The list of outstanding performances could go on and on. Not only was this the perfect night to celebrate Lance Horne but it was a night to celebrate New York. The entire evening made me want to demand immediately that Lance Horne corral his talent to create musical theater for the masses. They will love him and they will all feel like New Yorkers no matter where they live!
Don't get me wrong, I still miss my deer, bald eagles and Benny and Betty the bears in Turkey Hollow. Their majestic beauty amidst nature will always have a special place in my heart. Hardly a week goes by when I don't reflect on their well-being and if they made it through another hunting season.
But the Lights of Broadway are pretty damn satisfying, too.

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