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Thursday, January 6, 2011

LGBT Community: Are We Ready For New Hampshire?

By David Mixner -

GayNHFlag-770208 Last election day left many plans in disarray including at the state level for the LGBT community. One of the most disturbing results took place in New Hampshire where the Republicans not only captured control of both houses of the legislature but did so with a margin to override any veto by the Democratic governor. Focus on the Family and National Organization for Marriage (NOM) have made it their top priority to repeal marriage equality in the Granite State. Nothing could be more disastrous to our developing momentum in the marriage equality movement.
The LGBT community is on notice and it is important for us to know what resources and what plans are in place to fight this battle. Often we make assumptions that people are on 'top of an emerging problem' only to find out later how much more should have been done. Our leaders and organizations must let us know what they need in order to prevent repeal of marriage equality in New Hampshire. This could be one of the most important grassroots battles to face our community this year.
There is nothing complex about this issue. Our oppressors are moving full steam ahead to repeal and I can only hope we are moving with equal intensity to stop them.

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