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Friday, January 7, 2011

My God is a God of Love!

My name is Maggie, I’m a straight 15 year old girl, I was raised to love everything and to except everyone. From the beginning my mother has shown me every type of person there can be. Gay, straight, bi, pink, purple, and green. When I got older, my mom explained to me the difference of everybody. Why a gay man is gay. Why a straight man is straight. And I grew up around a lot of gay men. I’ve always been in that lifestyle. I never realized the absolute hate some one could have for a type of person until I went to church.
I had no idea that a people who say they believe in love and all men created equal could be so cruel. My opinions are very strong about the support of homosexual people, and I can take anyone on in an argument if they start bashing the way they live their lives. This one time I had a 40 something year old woman tell me it was a lifestyle choice! “A lifestyle choice” I said, “smoking is a lifestyle choice.”

Some people have no idea what they are talking about. Growing up around so many people, I’ve heard their stories. One of my gay uncles told he used to have stones thrown at him and called horrible words every day… now please tell me why someone would pick that? Why would someone want to go through all that pain?? Please someone tell me why they would chose that? After I explained this to the woman she told me to pray for this person to become straight so they can be happy in heaven… this angered me once again.
This person I told the story about has never missed a day of church. He is the most amazing man I have ever met and I promise you gay or straight, pink or purple he is going to heaven. He is going to like men all the way until he reaches those pearly gates. Someone once told me that god hates gays. I don’t know about them… but my god is a god of love and would never hate one of his creations. End of story. God is perfect. God doesn’t make mistakes. Being gay is not a mistake. God has a plan for everyone. Some people say Satan made them gay. Well you know what, why would Satan want someone to love someone even if they are straight or gay??
Someday I want to start a movement or a company or clothing line called “somewhere over the rainbow” when we try to over come the road blocks stopping us for gay marriage and get to that place over the rainbow when everyone can be happy.
Love is love, no matter what side of the rainbow!
Thank you for reading my story,


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