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Friday, January 7, 2011

LGBT Community: Get Edward C DuMont Confirmed Immediately

 By David Mixner -

There is no question that it will be difficult to get major legislation, such as ENDA, passed the Republican- controlled House of Representatives. The shift in power has make it necessary for a review of what is possible and what is not during the next session of Congress. However there are still major achievements that can emminate from this Congress.
One of these is the immediate confirmation of Edward C. DuMont to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. DuMont would be the first openly LGBT person to be confirmed by the Senate of the United States for a position in the federal judiciary. President Obama made this historic appointment the last session of Congress but it was put on 'hold' by the Republicans. This week the President once again submitted the nomination back to the Senate. Since this nomination does not require House approval and is a duty of the Senate, it should be moved through the process, and in doing so, should overcome Republican obstructionism with the nomination and make history.

This should be a priority for our lobbyists, supporters and action teams on the Hill. Mr. DuMont is a dignified and brilliant man who has obtained this appointment the old-fashion way - by earning it. He should be confirmed immediately.

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