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Monday, January 24, 2011

New York City Shelter Announces First Same-Sex Cat Marriage

It's a Double Ring--er, Paw--Ceremony -

Solomon-bruno-cat-wedding-200 Forget that royal wedding in the spring---who wants to go to Buckingham Palace to stand in a crushing crowd anyway, just for a fleeting glimpse of the prince and his bride? The real wedding of the year is much closer to home, with no elite monarchy to dignify the scene. And it's an event where tuxedo cats may be the best-dressed guests!

Two sweet residents of Ollie's Place, a no-kill cat shelter on New York City's East 26th Street, will be officially declaring their bonds of affection for each other on Jan. 20. The union of Bruno and Solomon' is headline-worthy: it's the first official same-sex feline wedding on record. The two have been at Ollie's Place for a long time, awaiting their forever homes. Bruno, a timid gray-and-white feline, became a close buddy of the more outgoing, ginger-and-white Solomon. Shy Bruno counts on Solomon to be his protector, his BFF! And Solomon revels in his role as the alpha cat, warmly supporting his introverted pal.

Folks at the shelter say Solomon could have been adopted a long time ago--his striking red coat, affectionate nature and happy personality appeal to many potential adopters. But separating him from Bruno would be difficult, even cruel. Their mutual caring is deeper than that of even sibling cats. Apart, each would surely be heartbroken.

Here Come the Grooms!
To ensure that these handsome guys stay together, Ollie's Place is uniting them permanently, with a real wedding. Because these are oh-so-trendy cats, news of the happening was announced via YouTube. (See the video save the date, below.)

In a private Feline Marriage Ceremony, held by the cats and attended by their shelter friends, Solomon and Bruno will officially become a couple. Cue "The Wedding March!" The ceremony will be videotaped and, along with footage from the bachelor party, will premiere at a Jan. 20 evening reception for humans at Danny and Eddie's, a friendly East Side establishment. The purrfect relationship of the cats will be celebrated and cheered with many toasts. Prizes, refreshments, karoke, and the video presentation, will keep guests entertained. Friends of the shelter, and maybe a few-animal loving celebrities, will be on the scene.

 "The goal is to raise awareness for Ollie's Place and its parent organization, Mighty Mutts," says Mike DiCerto, one of the organizers. "We're also really hoping to find a permanent home for Bruno and Solomon, as well as all the other wonderful kitties at Ollie's Place."
There's even a gift registry for those who'd like to make practical donations to the shelter, and get Solomon and Bruno started right on their happy life together. Their wish list is modest--no Waterford crystal or designer crock pots, just canned and dry cat food, paper towels, or a few dollars, all of which they'll generously share with their shelter-mates.

Check back for a report from the reception, complete with video, and maybe news of a forever home, where Bruno and Solomon can purr happily ever after.


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