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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Butch Factor.

Is there a gay man out there who hasn't pondered the meaning of masculinity?
Insightful interviews mixed with entertaining eye-candy make this fast-paced testosterone tour a must-watch movie for all gay men. From the Castro clone culture of the 1970s to today's Bears and gym rats this fascinating investigation of gay men and masculinity blows the lid off old stereotypes and showcases a strapping battalion of interviewees including muscle men, rodeo riders, rugby players and cops. The men speak candidly on a range of topics from homophobia to metrosexuality to embracing effiminacy as they reveal what it means to be a gay man in America today.
Watch the full film on LOGO online here.

Review -
Masculinity and homosexuality have always been hopelessly — and helplessly — intertwined. From clones to queens, Bears to gym rats, the gay community has responded to these intersections with its own unique responses. Christopher Hines’ wide-ranging documentary explores them all.

Jason Hefley speaks about his San Diego gay flag football league while Kevin Reed discusses his affinity for baseball and problems of homophobia in the African American community. San Francisco Lt. Sheriff Vince Calvarese touches on being a big and burly out and proud member of the force. On the less testosterone-heavy side is Mark Snyder, an SF resident who embraces his effeminacy with a “sissy” tattoo, but also mentions the violence he faces on Bay Area streets.

Frequently, Hines gets his subjects to reflect revealingly on what made them the type of man they are today. The director also presents recent changes in cultural norms of masculinity, such as the “bromance” and the metrosexual, while excavating the past for images of the mustachioed “clone” and stereotypical queen. On the expert level, a knowledgeable cross-section of teachers, writers, and psychologists discuss their own views of gay culture and masculinity. Amongst all these different men and their corresponding “butch factors,” the salient point of Hines’ clever and fast-paced film is that, for gay men, acknowledging your homosexuality is just one of the steps along the path of discovering exactly what kind of man you are.



  1. That is a nifty movie. I definitely am interested in watching it when it comes out. Perhaps on netflix too?

  2. you can watch it online at LOGO. I provided the link above the trailer.

  3. Netflix has it in DVD now - and instantly as well