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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Howard Stern Done Saying "F*g"?

By Ross von Metzke -

LISA LAMPANELLI HOWARD STERN X390 (GETTY IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COMHoward Stern admits he sometimes slips and uses the word “f*g,” but he was taken aback by how much Lisa Lampanelli used it on his radio show because he thinks gay people are too often “bullied” and “abused.”
“I know Lisa’s kidding around and all that, but I’ve tried to change my thought about that word. I’ve tried to stop using it … I’d rather not use it,” he said when a caller asked is he was bothered by the comedian’s excessive use of the word on his Sirius XM radio show.
“I have a tremendous compassion for people that are homosexual. I feel that they are bullied and abused in our society. They take such shit just because they like to be with the same sex, and it’s so absurd to me.
“It must be a terrible thing to be exposed to that kind of hatred and be hated just because of your sexuality.”

Listen to the audio here. 


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