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Thursday, February 3, 2011

LGBT Community: Welcome Them With Open Arms


By David Mixner -

This week HRC's New Yorker's For Marriage Equality released a video by Barbara Bush, the daughter of George W. Bush. In the brief but powerful video, Ms. Bush announced her support for marriage equality in New York. Make no mistake, this is an important addition to the increasing number of Republicans who are taking a stand on marriage equality. With each Republican added to our cause, the more difficult it will be for Democrats who are against marriage equality to continue be against it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to see a full page ad in the New York Times consisting of prominent Republicans urging the President to join them in support of marriage equality?
Since the posting, I have heard comments in the media questioning her motive and speculating why she had not done it sooner. Hell, I wish most Democrats would have supported marriage sooner but the fact of the matter is that they are now. That is what counts from this day forward. As in the case with Meghan McCain, we should never dismiss an ally simply because their politically potent parent has an antediluvian view.
Remember, the purpose of a movement is not to sit around in self-righteousness and feeling good about how wise we are on issues. The purpose is to convert people to our cause and enable them to lead others to our side. We are winning when traditional conservatives unite with progressives to push for marriage equality. So my friends, cheer with each new convert, build upon those endorsements to get others and learn to recognize victory and how to be graceful in it!

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