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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gay = AIDS? Stand Up Against Ignorance and Bigotry in Ohio

Targeting: Felicia Godbolt (EEO Program Manager)
    “When the governor acknowledges them [gays] as a minority group, which they are not, you're also saying to them that their behavior is OK. And it’s NOT OK to engage in this type of behavior when it’s gonna cause you possibly to die from AIDS.”
     – Phil Burress, Citizens for Community Values [1]
Citizens for Community Values, a group that endorsed John Kasich for governor [2], proved that bigotry still exists in the public square. They oppose any protections for LGBT workers and made outrageous, inaccurate statements that played on radio stations across Ohio yesterday.
The irony is that John Kasich’s already found a way to deny state workers basic rights they had under Gov. Ted Strickland. Kasich went out of his way to make sure that discrimination based on gender identity is no longer barred, even going back on a promise to do so. [3]
If you agree, please take a moment to contact the person in charge of Ohio’s Equal Employment Opportunity program.  We’ll also send a copy of your comments to John Kasich and the head of the State Personnel Board of Review.


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