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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI Obsession with Same Sex Marriage

By David Mixner -

   The Catholic Church claims over one billion members in the world. As head of his flock, Pope Benedict XVI can define the most important issues for those Catholics. Of course, with all the pressing issues in the world such as hunger, poverty, war, genocide and hate, the Pope would have to choose his priorities and focus on them. Otherwise his message would become dispersed and give Catholics room for maneuvering.
   Now I know you most likely believe that hunger or poverty would be right up there at the top. Perhaps some of you think the genocide of six million dead in the Congo would be his top priority. You certainly could make cases for hungry children. And as custodian of our planet maybe Climate Change would be number one on his agenda.
   Nope, if you do a Google search and type in Pope Benedict XVI and different issues what emerges with the greatest number is 'same sex marriage.' The number is almost ten times greater than the Congo where six million have perished over 15 years. Yes, I know this is not a scientific survey so save your comments but it is indeed an indication what the Catholic Church is discussing and what they are not discussing.

   Here are the statistics in my search on Google-

Same Sex Marriage 148,000
Climate Change 118,000
World Poverty 88,300
Darfur 35,500
Hunger 33,300
Congo 21,700

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1 comment:

  1. Make a Google search of Pope Benedict and pedophilia, or child rape and you probably come up with no hits, unfortunately. This Pope is a closeted gay man who like most religious leaders of his ilk, is obsessed with keeping other gay men in the closet with him, and he deeply disturbed by the fact that the glbt community is moving beyond the blowjobs by the side of the road and in secret rendezvouses now and is fighting for our rightful place in society the way other oppressed minorities have before us. So fuck this Pope! May he burn in hell sooner rather than later.