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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mr. President, Time To Make That Transition To Full Marriage Equality

Barack-obamaBy David Mixner -

Several months ago the President indicated he was in a 'place of transition' regarding his support for full marriage equality. Since then he dropped the Justice Department's opposition to the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and his words have tended closer and closer to full equality for LGBT citizens. There is little question of the direction he is heading it is just the timing.
The time has come for him to make a complete transition. It is still far from the election and by doing it now he will avoid a couple of important pitfalls:
1. That he was forced to do it by the LGBT community instead of receiving praise for leading on the civil rights question of his generation.
2. He will avoid the appearance of pandering to a particular group of people.
3. The President will enter the election with the full enthusiasm of most of the LGBT instead of a community that is sadden by his failure to lead on this issue.
4. By doing so now, his voice will become an important one in pushing us over the line in winning our freedom. His Presidency will be known not only for careful deliberation but as a place where morality and love for freedom flouishes.
By delaying, he leaves the LGBT community no choice but to amp up the pressure on him to do the right thing. He will leave no options for those in the LGBT community that support him but to divert important energy to ask him to stand by our side. All this can be avoided by the President being an historically great leader and endorse full marriage equality in the very near future.

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