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Friday, November 19, 2010

More Sex Please!!!!!

By David Mixner -

MenKissing Aren't you relieved that we have developed rating systems so young tender minds can never have images of genitalia, making love or even male to male kissing on television? The act of two men or two women kissing seems to take a major network decision and often into the second season of a hit series before it is allowed. God forbid we should allow our children to see honest and open sexuality. We don't want those young little minds corrupted do we? Most likely at the first view of a penis they will go off and masturbate, stop studying in school and who knows maybe even become a mass murderer.
Give me a break.
Sex is exactly what we need in television today given the graphic imagines of violence and torture that dominate current mainstream hit drama's on television. Just watch a couple of weeks of "Criminal Minds" and you will be crying out for them to show naked couples making love in a loving way. The show has featured torture, children being held behind bars and molested, families wiped out and a father forced to watch his daughter being raped and every other imaginable horrible crime. Any of the CSI series will feature corpses without eyeballs, mutilated sexual organs, people nailed to trees and serial killers terrorizing women in the most graphic way. Please may I have a good old fashion f**k instead of watching these images of extreme horror?
So please, give me more sex on television. Don't worry about the human body being naked. After what our kids are watching it might actually be soothing to them. Don't worry about two men kissing since at least they aren't cutting up a body with a chain saw. Allow kids to see television parents having healthy sex and good relationships since it is better than father being forced to watch his kids being raped.
Quite simply tell the censors, producers and film makers we will gladly embrace more sex given the options. Now, about that penis.....

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