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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lying 'Catholics for the Common Good' Plans Marriage Actions for 2011

By Karen Ocamb -

Answer me this, as The Riddler might say: how is it that the Catholics at the National Organization for Marriage seem to have a never-ending font of money while Catholics for the Common Good, their one-time coalition partner, is in the red and begging for money?

Bill May, Chair and Founder of Catholics for the Common Good which describes itself as “A Lay Apostolate for the Evangelization of Culture,” wrote supporters in an email that “we made up last year’s deficit of $35,000 reported in October and finished the year in the black. However, as of the end of January, we are already about $2,700 behind.”
May also writes about “some exciting news” – a “private summit” on Jan. 24 with Catholic leaders from California “to discuss plans for the 2011 Stand with Children effort to defend and promote marriage and family. All of the largest counties in the state were represented.”
Apparently there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm in participating in “something historic and different – a positive and authentically Catholic movement for the evangelization of culture for marriage and family.”
The Catholic leaders are
“concerned about efforts to redefine marriage to accommodate same-sex couples, but understand this is just a symptom of a much larger problem that is touching nearly every family. The fundamental understanding of love, human sexuality, marriage and family is insidiously being corrupted by popular culture, teachers, and indoctrination programs in schools every day. Marriage is breaking down with huge social consequence for the 41% of children who are born to unmarried mothers today and many other victims of divorce.”
The plan calls for “establishing local committees for action” and “the establishment of small Faith and Action Circles in parishes for study, faith sharing, and mutual support as we build an army of marriage advocates ready for action.”
But of course, the fundraising letter needs a fear-based hook and despite the “much larger problem,” the spooky gay agenda is always good for a Religious Right buck:
“This mission is urgent. Prop 8 is in jeopardy in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a new initiative redefining marriage within the next couple years is likely, and indoctrination programs in schools, even some Catholic schools, are becoming more aggressive at redefining marriage and family in the minds of children. It is urgent that we stand up and work together to shape the future of marriage.”
Well, this is my journalistic beat but this is the first time I heard that there’s a “new initiative redefining marriage” in the offing, let alone gay indoctrination in some Catholic schools.
So answer me this, Bill May, is it a “common good” for Catholics to lie in order to raise money to get out of debt?
But here’s an even scarier prospect that the snaky behavior of this Catholic group: he’s considered and pursued as a reliable source by a lazy media. Proof? May says so himself in this video (about :37 seconds in) shot on June 17, 2008 against the San Francisco City Hall where happy lesbian and gay couples were getting married:


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